Here is the session material we presented at GDCIran 2010, covering topics such as our content/shader pipeline, exporter, deferred renderer and shadow system.

Some pictures from presentation and demo application …

sunlight, shadows, ambient occlusion

100 dynamic local lights rendered with deferred lighting

4-split PSSM shadows


We are attending GDC Iran which will be held from 1st to 3rd of Azar in “Elmo Sannat” university.

Topics we are going to discuss is about graphics and content pipeline of Faith of Steel, including our art creation and export pipeline, shader system, deferred rendering and shadow system.

For more information about other attendants and  program schedule visit GDC’s official website.


Here’s the IFA Truck model created by our artists. Rendered in Max viewport using the shaders from our generated shader repository.
Modeled in Maya 2011 and BodyPaint RC12. additional texture work done in Adobe Photoshop.

Maps: Diffuse + Normal